This is not the typical website speed test tool. shows what happens in your browser when you don't have an ad blocker enabled. Use this service to test your ad implementation, or to show the world we should start blocking ads on a larger scale.
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A headsup, I'm starting to feel like an activist, with one goal: Turn everybody in a uBlock Origin user (or similar). But I need your help as I cannot do this alone, so I submitted to ProductHunt. I also open sourced it: The license is Public Domain, so feel free to copy, adapt and release a variant yourself! I don't have the resources (time and money) to keep this service running at al times. It might go down at night, multiple droplets cost money etc.
The deep analysis of page with and without ads and tracing is really helpful to generate a report. This report helps in getting the agreement for page speed from Business people who will vouch for more tracking and ads