Webtask Editor

Make serverless endpoints in seconds. All you need is code.

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Hi folks. We just launched a new supercharged web-based experience for designing serverless apps, our Webtask Editor. With it you can build serverless webhooks or CRON jobs in seconds. You can run your code, integrate you source code with Github (bi-directionally), define secure secrets outside your code, see realtime logs, access a huge library of node modules and do it all without ever leaving the browser! Check out our blog post here: https://auth0.com/blog/serverles...
Imagine a world where you can write a small snippet of Node.js code and turn it into an endpoint in seconds. No servers, no hosting, just code. This is what Webtask Editor by @auth0 is about. In the last couple of months we've been working on simplifying even more the first time experience with webtasks. One of our goals is to provide you with tools that will allow you to iterate quickly when building your webtasks. You can write code using 1000+ Node.js modules, test it with integrated runner, debug using real time logs, supply with secrets using integrated secret management, and more. We are developers and we created something that is useful for us. Hope you like it too.
Wow this is awesome! Great job guys! Can't wait to use it. 👍
@rosswaycaster great! Let us know what you think!
Great job. Do we also have access to store key-values to Database? So Ideally for a small recommendation system there should also be ability to manage the data within WebFlow. Would love to be in partnership/integration partner for my product if it allows so.
@usamanoman There is simple, built-in storage support for limited amounts of data: https://webtask.io/docs/storage. For anything more substantial you need to externalize data. What is your product?
@tjanczuk We are Botsify.com, a chatbot builder without coding. I would love to talk to you about possible integrations.
@usamanoman @tjanczuk hi Usama, we would love to chat. Can you shoot me a mail at glenn@auth0.com?
We love Webtasks (and Auth0 in general!) having used several in production for over a year now @taxfyle. This UI is looking sharp! The seamlessness of the new editor makes this the most intuitive FaaS platform. Serious time saver...great job!
@kwcto @taxfyle great! Thanks for the love!