The easiest way to make HTML presentations and long-forms.

WebSlides makes HTML presentations easy. Just the essentials and using lovely CSS.

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WebSlides is a new open source way to build beautiful presentations that run in your browser. WebSlides are all about telling a story, then sharing it in a beautiful way: hypertext, clean markup, and lovely CSS as narrative elements. Simply choose a demo and customize it in minutes.
Thanks for hunting WebSlides, @nathlays :) Hi hunters, I'm the author of WebSlides and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. WebSlides is free and open source. I built it because we need a platform for beautiful storytelling: - Medium = Beautiful articles. - Typeform = Beautiful forms. - WebSlides = Beautiful presentations and longforms. Designing in WebSlides can be just as fast as with Powerpoint. Just a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is all you need to make some really beautiful slides. Why WebSlides? Good karma and productivity. - WebSlides is about telling the story, and sharing it in a beautiful way. Hypertext, clean code, and beauty as narrative elements. - Designers, marketers, and journalists can now focus on the content. For more on why I decided to build WebSlides check out this post: https://medium.com/p/fa7a9e37ff97/ Demos: https://webslides.tv/demos Github: https://github.com/jlantunez/web... Thanks for checking it out!
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You have pushed the keynotes to a new limit. Fantastic work!
Whoa! This is awesome. The landing page is super unique and memorable.
Clean and simple, perfect for landing pages! Thanks for making it open source @jlantunez 👏
@guwallius Thanks Esbjörn :)
really nice!