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Aidan Holland
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    Sends me to a scam website trying to get me to download Adobe Flash

    Sends me to a scam website trying to get me to download Adobe Flash

    Aidan Holland has never used this product.


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Henrik Harju
Henrik HarjuMaker@henrikharju
Hola PH’ers! I created Website Template Bar to streamline how I search for themes/templates. Hopefully a few others do it like this as well... Here's a 90-second screencast on how I use it: Here’s how I use it find a bootstrap agency template (NEW way): 1. Open in a new window 2. Work through the sites under “bootstrap” (visited site gets crossed over) 3. Each time I find a potential theme/template, I open it in a new tab --> By the end, I’d have about 10 tabs open which act as my “short list” for the most potential themes/templates. Before Website template bar I would have done this (OLD way): 1. Google “bootstrap themes”, “bootstrap agency template”, “bootstrap agency theme” and “bootstrap templates” etc 2. Open all the usual marketplaces in a new tab (some of the really good providers are also not ranking very well so it takes a bit to find them) 3. Start working through these marketplace tabs 4. Each time I find a potential theme/template, I open it in a new tab Step 1 takes about an hour and because of step 2 I end up with about 20+ tabs open. With I can save that 1 hour and 10+ tabs. It’s nothing extraordinary, just slightly simpler and easier. Would love to hear how you look for themes/templates? Could something be improved, if so how? Cheers, Henrik
Carol Skelly
Carol Skelly@carolskelly · Maker / developer / built @CodeplyApp
@henrikharju Nice work Henrik. I started BootstrapZero (no longer own it). Can you also add to the HTML5 category. I've added this to WDstack as well. Good luck!
Anthony Stylianou
Anthony Stylianou@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
I like the ranking mechanism you have on the site. However i did find myself opening several tabs after selecting different options from the drop down folder. Definitely quicker than the steps you described below though. Why does a line appear through the text after you have clicked on it?
Henrik Harju
Henrik HarjuMaker@henrikharju
@anthony_stylianou I treat the drop downs as a "to do list". The line through tells you which sites or marketplaces are done, so you don't waste time visiting them again. The ranking mechanism is there to make sure you the visit top sites first (when the energy levels are still high and you're excited about the new website).
Vladimir@vladimirkusnezo · Founder of
So many 404 errors..
Henrik Harju
Henrik HarjuMaker@henrikharju
@vladimirkusnezo you mean the links aren't working?