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#2 Product of the DayJuly 19, 2015
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too many steps to just try it out..
@evanvar sorry to hear you felt overwhelmed at signup. What part of the process did you feel was overkill? How do you think we can streamline it to reduce the steps involved? Always open for feedback and ideas!
@conarro @evanvar If I just want reports on the speed of my personal website, I don't want to have to find and list competitors. Not all websites have natural competitors.
@nitrogen @evanvar Thanks for the feedback! The idea for the product is to rank a set of sites based on performance metrics. We've positioned it as a competitive benchmarking tool (as that is what we've seen customers looking for), but you could easily plug in multiple pages within your own site and see performance across your site in one report. If you'd prefer a single, one-off performance report you might check out, another one of our free performance tools.
Developer at Rigor here. Great to see one of our free tools get hunted! We built Website Speed Ranker to provide a snaphsot of your site's performance relative to your competitors' sites. We want to keep it low-friction, hence the email only approach for signup. We hope the product gives you a better understanding of how you compare. Throw any questions/comments my way!
I tried it out, but I got an error, and then when I tried again, it said the email had already been taken.. :-(
@danielkempe Hey, thought I'd come back and say I received my report, so all good thanks. 😀
@danielkempe glad the report came through, let me know if you have any questions!
Created a report just now, will feedback here once I receive data.
@ysekand great, let me know if you have any questions!
This would be great if it was accurate... The reports say that my website loads in 53.9 seconds (!) instead of 1.57 second using Pingdom's website speed test. Something is wrong here...
@nspehler We load each URL once before sending the report, so it's possible that we just happened to pull back a slower response time due to network or server conditions at testing time. Did you sign up for a recurring report? If you keep seeing major differences in results with other tools please let me know!
@conarro This is not just a one-time error, my website and my competitors' websites show loading times that are always 40 seconds or more.