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Use the free SECUR1TY Grader ( https://secur1ty.com/grader ) to quickly find vulnerable components in your website. For example, out of date Wordpress installations, vulnerable Web server installations (e.g. nginx, IIS, apache) are commonly found. We rate all websites on a A, B, or C scale. If we find a vulnerable component, you automatically get a C rating. Once you discover a potentially vulnerable component, you can create a custom alert to get vulnerability updates, just by clicking the 'follow' button. We look forward to seeing you. Gene
Just tried it out, and this really useful to keep on top of security issues. Especially for those of us who aren't full time sys admins but have to manage that part of the server stack.
Given the rise in cybersecurity attacks during 2014, having a heads up of what's happening (and what could happen) across your code is critical. SECUR1TY allows you to track, breakdown and uncover certain vulnerabilities across sites. Also, a nifty feature allows you to scan Github repositories and receive software updates for code: https://secur1ty.com/github.com/
Did not understand the bottom line of use of this product? who are the users? what is the work flow?