Free and Open Source screenshot website service

Screenshot websites as a Service. Free and Open Source!
An API for screenshotting websites!
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Hello! This is my second product release on ProductHunt πŸŽ‰ Webshot is a Screenshot as a Service solution, which just means that it's an API for screenshotting websites. First load might take some time, so be patient! Although I haven't found a faster competitor out there. It caches the image for 1 minute (might change it to 10 minutes). It's free and Open Source! So if my service goes down. Just go deploy it yourself πŸ˜„! Some use cases that I have found: - You could use this as a preview image for your website in og:image or twitter:image (tutorial here: https://dev.to/deam/easy-social-...) - Grab a screenshot of a bug in production, send the link instead of an image - Constantly updated site showcasing for your portfolio - Hotlink images directly to blog posts There are probably lots of things that can be improved. Feedbacks are welcome! Hope ya'll have a great day! πŸš€β€οΈπŸ™
This is cool. Would be awesome to be able to add a timeout for websites that have animation transitions on load. For example Sketch, https://webshot.deam.io/sketch.c...
@alex_gurr That's a great idea! I will look into that.
My man Deam! WEBSHOT is amazing β˜• Congratulations on the launch dude
This is a great product. You could turn any page into a jpg/pdf and make edits/revisions on it!
ohh!!! This is really cool idea that i just seen... Great Work.