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The creators behind this, Ehab and Rooshdi, have a pretty interesting story. This has apparently existed in multiple forms and iterations for a number of years, with their ultimate vision being that it will be your portal to the web. Users can search, browse, add, upload, rate, review, share, and launch web apps from any device. The team hopes that WebMenu will become the first thing you come to find when looking for web apps. Also, developers make sure to get verified (https://webmenu.org/promote)!
@alirtariq Thanks for taking the time to hear our story.
WebMenu has evolved so much since I first started using it. Great job guys!
Thanks Aaron, we honestly don't know how the web was like before we made WebMenu, never looking back...
Hello, Product Hunt! Thanks for the kind summary, Ali! Just to add, WebMenu currently has over 1,200 web apps and sites, with new services being added daily. Our mission is to create the simplest way to discover and access web services. That said, I would love to hear any feedback or answer any questions you all may have! Thanks!