Weblegit Email validation service provides the simplest and powerful way to make sure that you do not loose real users just because they made a typo mistake with their email. Single line code for integration. Weblegit validation reduces spam emails, decreases the bounces, saves $$ cause you send emails to only valid addresses.

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I have been using it for couple of my sites so far. It really helps to prevent the email spams and at the same time allows my users to correct their typo mistakes if they made one. I have a lot lesser records with invalid email addresses now. No more bounces when I send emails. Its the most affordable and accurate solution. The best part is that it does not require me to write code to integrate with the API, its a single line copy paste in HTML.


Simple single line integration with the HTML forms without writing any API for email validation on page


It takes a while to understand the value provided by the service. Could be made a lot better.

I've thought about using Hunter's API for something like this, but always been worried about the UX perspective. We'd prefer it if our users signed up with valid emails, but checking and verifying someone's email address before letting them register has a tendency to seem prescriptive. And how does this deal with Accept-All mail servers?
@stevenjmesser Our value proposition is single line integration in the front end (HTML) without worrying about writing and maintaining API integration. We use it ourselves on our registration page. Email verification is a hard problem mainly because different mail servers behave differently and no one likes namespace mining. We have optimized heavily for latency and 100% accuracy for almost all the free email providers(gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, aol, protonmail, zoho). Unlike lot of other companies we do not store any email address that we validate, so we do not have a database of emails to verify against. Based on the quality of email we score it from 0 to 5, for web integrations we let users to proceed with submitting the email if they have score greater than 0 which essentially means that we let the email for Accept-All mail servers to be submitted. Rationale behind it is to never stop any remotely positive email. Fact is any dedicated spammer can get around these filters practically by using some one else's email. If you are looking to integrate by using API instead of web plugin then you have option to choose if you want the user to proceed or not based on their email score. You can find an example here https://weblegit.com/realtime.html , the score for catch all is 4. As an engineer we understand that writing code is not hard but maintaining it is hard as well as costly. For this reason we do heavily recommend the simple integration with plugin to save you time and money https://weblegit.com/developers....