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No more switching focus or countless browsers tabs - all you need at hand.

Webjets is free. Pre-order the coming professional plan with code PRODUCTHUNT18 and get 42% off for the first 12 months.

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In the hypercompetitive area of productivity apps, Webjets is an interesting blend of collection, curation, productivity, and presentation. I have described it as somewhere between data collection and a visual library but with the potential to replace Tools like Evernote, Pocket, maybe even collaborative spaces like Slack or MS Teams. Webjets has some developing to do in those cases, but from what I have seen thus far it is very achievable.

I have been using Webjets since October 2017 in alpha (interestingly it was already more polished than most betas) and the pace of development and responsiveness of the developers has been superb! I am a productivity app junkie. I am always testing new tools and I use a lot of different apps for individual features, functions or intentions. Webjets is becoming one of my primary organizational tools. Webjets is also neck and neck with Milanote and Evernote for my daily collection and curation usage. I'm still discovering all the things it can do.

Top features for me that set it apart from other tools:

-Easy full screen view of anything

-Connect any element to any other element

-Collapsible cards and nesting

-Mindmap option the app

-Import/collect any type of file

-Drag and drop everything!! (best feature IMO)

This is a great app from a great team and I am really glad to see them featured on PH. I think Webjets is going to blow up when people see how powerful it can be. I foresee great things! :-)

Note: Review says I have used the product for a year. It's actually been 6 months but no option for that duration.


1) Excellent active development + proactive devs 2) Simple to use, intuitive 3) Responsive + surprisingly pleasant on mobile 4) Clean design


1) Not as pretty as Milanote 2) Web clipper is bookmarklet 3) Not as comprehensive as Airtable, Notion, Coda (yet) 4) View types too similar

Solid design tool. I've loved using and the team is great. Excited to see it keep evolving.
Tristan, thank you so much for hunting us! 😍 πŸ‘‹ Hey, fellow Product Hunters! There are so many productivity apps out there. We always have been avid fans of those tools, like for example Trello and Evernote. Though, existing apps were not flexible enough to us. Specifically, we either had to adapt our workflow or use a bunch of different apps to get your work done. This way you lose focus and your pieces of work are spread across data silos. So we built an app for seamless productivity, by being able to combine any content with any other content or even app. And visualize everything the way you want. But there is much more Webjets.io can do. We've planned a lot for the future, and we are happy to answer your questions!

not being a power user myself, i look at it from a developer perspective. i'd love to integrate this user interface w/ custom backend systems, and hope that it gets its well deserved lift off.


fantastic piece of software


would profit from an API, no issues.

Thank you, Wolf! Your suggestions make a lot of sense and we think about incorporating them.
Guys & gals - if you have not noticed yet: Webjets is free. Pre-order the coming professional plan with code PRODUCTHUNT18 and get 42% off for the first 12 months.