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Webiny (https://www.webiny.com/) is all you’ll need as a web developer to build an application.

From an API layer, to frontend components, backend framework and admin template – even ready-made apps are included – and it’s all fully documented, free and open-source.


  • Perry ChanCo-Founder, PermaGO

    We've been lucky enough to have been using earlier versions of Webiny since 2014 and it's completely streamlined our development. Fantastic!


    Hard to say, but as a PM, the pros completely outweigh any cons.

    The Webiny team are extremely dedicated, and talented individuals comprising some of the web's best talents. Webiny is the amazing culmination of their combined efforts and we're all fortunate to be able to use it.

    Perry Chan has used this product for one year.
  • Kurt AngusSr.Tech Support Engineer

    I like the fact that the makers understand the developers pain points and have come up with what seems to be a viable solution.


    I need more time to analyse the solution in details

    I particularly like the promise of reduced man hours and it's extensive librarie, that makes this possible. Most importantly it's free and open source.

    Looking forward to see how this develops over time.

    Kurt Angus has used this product for one day.


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Sven Al HamadMaker@svenalhamad · Tech guy, entrepreneur, ♥ open source.
Hi Product Hunters, Since I started a web development agency, almost 7 years ago, my team and I always felt that the current way of building websites wasn't efficient. We tried several solutions. Building tailored made solutions using open source frameworks, but that just didn't scale in terms of man hours required. We then gave Wordpress a shot. Wordpress is all good and nice, as long as you are building a simple blog or a marketing website. The moment you need to do a complex backend module, you start spending more effort fighting it's internals, than actually coding the module it self. We knew we could do better. A few years later, having several satisfied clients running their businesses using our platform, we would like to share it with you. Few features: + Install with a single command + Set of 70+ React JS components + PHP 7 powered API with Mongo database + Comes with ready-made apps + Open source and fully documented Sum total: spend less time coding and more time with your family and friends We'd love to get some feedback and more than happy to answer any questions.
Dmitry Kaigorodov@kuolldev · ceo/founder, www.kuoll.com
Who are your target customers? Any specific industry. For me it looks like react-based Aurelia or yui. Am I correct?
Sven Al HamadMaker@svenalhamad · Tech guy, entrepreneur, ♥ open source.
Hi @kuolldev, our target customers are primarily web developers / web agencies. We want to help them by providing them a much better tool for building web applications, be that for their clients or some other projects they are working on. As for the industry, any developer/team that works with Javascript / PHP would find himself at home with Webiny. We do use ReactJs as a foundation for all the UI and frontend components. So if you are already familiar with React this should be pretty straightforward journey.
Dmitry Kaigorodov@kuolldev · ceo/founder, www.kuoll.com
@svenalhamad Thank you
João de Almeida@jalmeida · Software Engineer
Looks interesting, I'll give it a try in my next project.
Sven Al HamadMaker@svenalhamad · Tech guy, entrepreneur, ♥ open source.
@jalmeida oh, we would love that! If you have any questions of any feedback you would like to share, feel free to reach out.