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Project built without code and in 3 hours :-)

It is still very difficult to find interesting webinars online, so we decided to create a simple way to both discover and discuss webinars. Users can submit their own webinars, upvote and comment on webinars using Webinary.

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It was a cold Sunday night, bored but inspired I needed to build something! The idea popped into my head “webinar discovery” so I began. Using Wordpress and a theme it all came together so fast! In just 3 hours it was ready for content. So here we are featured on Product Hunt. Webinary has very little content so far so we need your help 😀 Let’s get sharing and make this Halloween not so scary ❤️ Thanks for looking all and thanks to Ben for the Hunt 👌
Cool thing - finally the repository of webinars from different platforms. Kudos!
@pdziedzicz Thank you Peter, yes that's the plan at least :-) In the same way Product Hunt uncovers the best products every day, Webinary hopes to do that for Webinars in relevant categories!
I think people in the academic world looking to learn from professionals will find this tool very useful.
@nathanielcharming thank you Yemi, yes I hope so. It simply relies on both sides working together 😀
Hey guys, love the product! I'm also amazed that this was built using wordpress, would love to read about it. What plug ins did you use, how did you design it, etc...
@ferminrp Thankfully some awesome dev made it available on Theme Forest - Here's the theme - https://themeforest.net/item/upv...
Excellent idea. I hope this is not limited to tech and marketing content. There are so many free health related online webinar/summits that could also use main stream exposure. Will try to submit some if you guys will add health and wellness category.
@chintankarnik I’m hoping it will become any type of webinar content. I’ve started with a pretty broad range of categories. I will add a health and fitness category now 😀