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Hey, nice idea :) Any chance of adding a demo on the home page? Would be great to see what my webfolio would look like before I sign up
I'm a bit of a coding noob - what's the difference between this and GitHub, aside from being a bit more to-the-point? EDIT: Didn't mean to post as a reply, but can't delete.
@tomwasd Hi Tom, thanks for the suggestion and I completely agree. We are looking at getting something like this setup as soon as possible.
@gpat_uk Hi Graham, this is a great question, like many other developers my work is on private repositories and so Webfolio allowed me to display work that wouldn’t otherwise be visible when linking to Github. We wanted to keep this as simple as possible for both sides, so an employer can quickly get a snapshot of your coding ability which not only saves time but the snippets can be tailored to their specific requirements, giving the developer a better chance of success. Hope this answers your question.
@tomwasd Totally agree. While this looks great, I'd love to see a further look into this product.
Hello Product Hunters! Its a delight to be featured today. I am the co founder of Webfolio and I am more than happy to answer any questions and hope that other developers will find this useful. The idea behind Webfolio was to create an easy way to collate snippets of code from GitHub or Bitbucket to send alongside a CV / resumé. Ideal for developers who may have lots of private Github repositories and often have to jump through hoops to provide examples of past work.
Looks nice, but as other have mentioned, would love to see a demo or even a link to an existing folio before I jump in.
Really appreciate the simplicity signup process.
@ryanshook Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment. Our aim was to keep the sign up process as smooth and simple as possible, so this is good news!
This is nice. A few examples would be awesome. Awesome signup process