Organize files, notes and bookmarks for multiple projects

#5 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2019
You may use trello todoist drive calendar and maybe a few other apps to manage your work. Webfolder allows you to group links to all of your apps and organize files and notes with tag and search features to manage multiple projects and assets from one place.
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Caution for everyone else - When you sign-up to Webfolder, you automatically sign-up for another service called QuoteForm, which is the same service made by the creator of Webfolder - but it keeps sending you emails that you signed up - and you cannot unsubscribe. The service is very unprofessional, and is definitely not meant to be used for businesses or serious people who are looking for a reliable service. The privacy terms are very vague so I would also be careful what files and data I would submit. I keep seeing many products similar to this which do not provide the security you would expect from other professional services. You can't even delete the account once you created it - and I doubt that the creator would permanently delete my data even if I asked. I think it's great @shivam_prasad1 that you experiment with different ideas and execute them for learning purposes, but this is far from production ready. You should list it as beta, and make it clear that it's not meant to be used instead of the other services you proposed. Don't give up, but be realistic to your users.
Hi @owenfar1 You don't sign up for any other service when you sign up for webfolder. You can try logging into the service you mentioned and check whether your doubts are correct or not. We will answer your questions in case you decide to contact us at some point in time and you can delete your account anytime from your account page. We might not be a sophisticated company but if you reach out to us, we will make sure that you receive a great experience and that your problems are resolved as soon as possible Apologies for sending an incorrect email if you received one, but I can assure you that there are no issues especially in privacy and security, and you would not receive any emails from webfolder or any of our services unless you sign up for them.
Hi Producthunt! I use trello, google keep, drive, calendar to manage multiple projects, and I wanted to store links to my trello board, drive files, and other tools in one place. Pocket did not feel like a good fit as it is a read it later app and not a productivity focused tool. I built Webfolder to organize multiple projects from one place. You can add links to your project tools and search using tags or keywords to find what you need. You can upload files directly if you want, take notes with a WYSIWIG editor and use the same tagging functionality with them. Webfolder is completely free for upto 100 notes, 30 bookmarks and 10 tags! You also get a free 7 day trial for our Basic plan that costs $2.5 per month to see if that helps you manage your projects in a better way. Let me know if you find it useful or if you have any feedback !
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! What are the new future timeline features coming in the next release?
@ayush_chandra A lot of things! We have an android app release coming out soon, collaboration with clients or team members and shifting assets between spaces have also been planned. Rest of the features will depend on what our users want
On the home page it says "Free for up to 200 notes, 50 saved links and 10 tags. " but then on the pricing page the free account says "100 Notes 10 Tags 30 Bookmarks"
@jeromy_manuel It's free for 100 notes 10 tags and 30 bookmarks. Fixed the typo on the landing page. You can contact us on contact@webfolder.in to get a quick resolution for any further issues or queries.