Your personal assistant at networking events

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So this just launched yesterday. It gives you the skinny on everyone via bluetooth, and it's so colorful. And it's the maker's first app. Congrats, Nicholas! :)
Hey Product Hunters, I’m Nicholas Ivanecky the maker of WeBeam, your personal assistant at networking events. Thank you @V4Violetta for posting. The WeBeam App is like your personal assistant when you attend events. The app groups people based on their profession and shows you people with similar interests. The WeBeam App allows the most effortless way to exchange contact info: using your phone's bluetooth capabilities. Why search or type a name to your phone when you can just Beam. It's available for iOS today, more on Android in the coming months. We just launched yesterday so we are looking for early users and feedback to keep building and improving WeBeam!! Drop us a line if you have any feedback. Beam me up, Product Hunt!!! Product Video on Vine https://vine.co/v/enwY0BbazLp
Great idea...
Great idea, really nice app. I used it at a networking event recently and everyone enjoyed it.
@chad_fullerton Thank-you Chad, glad you enjoyed it!!