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Theres no doubt that one screen will become more and more prominent in having all your fav apps available - message people back, see calendar entries etc. BUT - this is what the phone companies themselves are already betting on - iOS10 will bring so many more useful widgets to the notification centre. Even messaging apps may move that way if they follow the "All in one place" approach that China has with WeChat. How do you think this will compete with the likes of Apple and their attempt to integrate this concept in the phone itself?
@bentossell First off, thank you and everybody for the amazing feedback, support, and criticism. It really does mean a lot. I definitely notice that some of our competitors have done this better, especially the dropdown notification center on iOS. Our first launch isn't the best launch we could've put out, but we wanted to just put our idea out there and get feedback so our next iteration can truly be great. Apple's notification center is great, but we want to differentiate ourselves by making more sense out of that data. This is your homepage on the web, not a place to cram information. The best ideas don't just come from the largest corporations or China, and I truly believe that our future is bright. We are different than all of these competitors because this hasn't been done across all platforms. This is a place where you will be able to create data, customize, match data from certain services with others, and share information with friends. I understand how China and Apple and other competitors can seem much larger in this space, but many of their products either aren't achieving what we are trying to or aren't building for all platforms. WebDeck will be on iOS, Web, Android, and hopefully more platforms. The main concept behind cross platforms is that all of these operating systems and products aren't all linked, and WebDeck will be very unique by doing so. Thank you once again for the great question!
To be honest, I visited the site and have no idea what the app does based on the image and description, "Changing the tech industry one screen at a time." After reading more of the discussion here, I understand it's like a new homescreen for your iPhone, an app with embedded content from other services. Interesting idea, I just think it could be communicated more clearly, @dylsteck. Perhaps a <10 second animated GIF of the app in use would help.
@rrhoover thanks for the feedback!! That is definitely something that is on my radar and although our product may still be young, I don't like to use that as an excuse. We hope you like the change once we come out with our update in the weeks to come, which will include new fluent features and a simple 'easy on the eye' design overhaul!
@rrhoover Thank you!! The website is definitely getting changed, as is the app. I appreciate the feedback and hope you see the site and app when they are done!!
Before anyone hates on the usefulness of the product (I was kind of about to) but all of this kids are under 18 years old..props guys! Keep up all the great work..I can't imagine having a LinkedIn page at 14..@dylsteck. You guys are going to go far - I admire your ambitions.
@kingliv_ thanks for the info. Was about to be critical on something else, but with this added perspective, I have little else but praise to give these developers.
@kingliv_ @andym_dc Thank you and everyone else for all the great advice and support!! The team is all eighteen and under, I myself and 14. WebDeck was hatched about 9 months ago but the app itself wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the Make School, so our first launch was just something to present at a demo day for the academy. The promotion now is to build a base of people who are interested in our core values as we progress and make a product that revolutionizes the tech space. Thank you though, we appreciate the support!!
@andym_dc @kingliv_ — a huge thank you to the both of you. As said above, this is just our first release to get the core idea out and the upcoming updates will include a simpler design overhaul and many new and fluent features which are sure to compete with the Notification Center of apples products. I can only ask that you please keep the app downloaded so that you can see the amazing updates that are to come, along with our web version which is to be released soon.
@matthews_bear sure thing, will look forward to it. Might I suggest some UI beautification? I think there was an app on here just recently called Relevant which is what I'm thinking of. Happy to watch y'all progress tho. And make sure youre having fun doing it!
@andym_dc absolutely! That is something that I am keeping close on my radar, and looking to improve in every second I get. We simply wanted to get the core idea out on paper, (or in this case on an app) and then make the major design overhauls later to allow the app to be as easy on the eye for the user as possible!
This product has been in the making for nine months!! I'm so happy to finally announce our first version is live on the App Store. We are trying to build your personal homepage on the web, a place where you can get an at-a-glance view at the info you need the most to get through your day. We are trying to utilize the tools we use every day, and one way this app enables us to do so is the phone verification sign in, powered by the good people at Copper Technologies. Please up vote, we are trying to change the way we think about technology and how we interact with it every day. The first update next week will make it so much better but our build now is still destined to change lives. Thank you to Alex, Charles, and Bear for being such a great team and helping out!! #TakeBackTheWeb #WebDeck
@dylsteck Just a heads up: The App Store link added isn't working. I had to go to the Website link, then tap App Store to see it.
@imakestrides strange... works for me
@imakestrides Sorry about that, there was a small complication when I was submitting to Product Hunt. Thanks for the heads up!
Agree with @bentossell. The pull down "today" tab on the iPhone provides this value for me. What's the use case Web Deck addresses that the Today/Notification pull downs do not?
@xanderschultz @bentossell You definitely bring up a great point. Our first launch isn't where we want our final to be but hope that in the future we can bring value by not only displaying data, but making the best out of it and really utilizing all of the great services on the web. Thank you though, as everything is definitely taken into consideration!
@dylsteck You still didn't really answer his question. Why would someone use WebDeck when Today easier to use, more customizable, and accessible anywhere on the OS? WebDeck being available on all platforms would be great, but it would still be a pain to close the app I'm in, find WebDeck on my home screen, open it, wait for it to load, and then be able to see my stuff. Another question I have: are you going to allow third party developers to integrate with WebDeck and make widgets?
@samwightt Good questions. Yes, third party developers will eventually be able to integrate into WebDeck. We want WebDeck to be a platform where anyone can easily access all of their info. Also, you said why would someone use our service instead of the dropdown today. Thank you for asking that question. It might seem like for now it might be easier to get to your today pulldown, but WebDeck doesn't want to be just a place you can pulldown and see information that only certain services have built into. We would like to solve that problem in the future by building a widget for the today pulldown that shows all of your WebDeck services, even though that's not what we are trying to build. People will want to use our service to see everything and eventually take a deeper look into data if they want to without opening an external service. WebDeck will also thrive across platforms because other platforms need a service like WebDeck. Thank you for the question, though, I hope I answered your question well :)