A front-end visual development tool for React

Webcodesk provides the consistent experience of the component-based development approach in all parts of a Single Page Web application.
Webcodesk reduces the boilerplate code in Web application to zero.
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Webcodesk is for you * If you want to prototype a Web application quickly * If you like the component-based development approach * If you want to share components between projects * If you want to modify the application logic in minutes * If you do not like a mess in the source code * If you want to clearly see where the data comes from, where it goes, and how it gets stored With Webcodesk you can keep UI components as minimal as you can. If you isolate business logic and side-effects from UI, everything gets easier.
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Interesting. I want to make a small side project, a web app. But the last time I touched web dev was ca 2012, when Bootstrap, jQuery, Backbone, and Bower were king. I have very vague knowledge of React & Redux (understand the principles but have never built anything with it). Will Webcodesk help me?
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@paul_danyliuk Hi, Paul. Yes, sure. You definitely make application faster and will not tackle with tons of boilerplates for Redux. However, you should design the app with component-base approach. Please take a look at the example application here: https://github.com/ipselon/prime... This is a ToDo application with FullCalendar component. Read through the building instruction how components and functions should be connected. Then just review the source code of the functions - each function has detailed explanation. Thanks.
Looks pretty neat. Reminds me of XCode interface builder. Great Job!
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Webcodesk is a cross-platform tool - download versions for Mac OS, Windows or Linux: https://webcodesk.com
You should probably do something about the logo - it's pretty (too?) similar to Tenfold's logo. Good luck!
@nikolaytsenkov Thanks, I've never seen it before
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