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A Chrome Extension for next-level web browsing

WebCheck AI is An AI-powered smart lookup tool for browsing the web. We use NLP to identify named entities on a webpage that you may need more information on and bring definitions, summaries, and news to your fingertips with a simple mouse-over.
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Hello Makers and Hunters, Big thank you @benln for hunting us! We created WebCheck AI with the goal of helping users better process the content they read online, and to improve their browsing experience. You can turn it on and off as you wish and use it whenever you feel it's most useful. How to Use? -Click the extension and "WebCheck This" to have it run on how a specific website. -You can also predefine a list of sites that it always runs on by clicking on the extension and "Your Websites". As of now, we bring you relevant Wikipedia pages and news for the words/ phrases you identify. In the future, we are thinking of bringing scholarly articles, videos, Twitter feed, and others. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Like Wow, I could use this as a fact check
Yes, for sure it us useful to fact check the content you read online.
Very interesting idea. Also, like the execution. Just installed it and started using it. Apart from wikipedia, is there any other source you use to pull information?
Thank you for the support! As of right now we are indexing from Wikipedia, as well as from news sites. In the future we are planning on indexing from social channels, youtube, scholarly articles, and wherever else our users suggest. Do you have something in mind that would be useful to you?
Hey! Maker here. Thank y'all for the support we've gotten so far. If you guys have any questions, shoot, and I'll be glad to answer them.
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Twitter Feeds
Reddit Posts
Scholarly Articles
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