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It's the same thing as a browser but with different look and name....
Hi Product Hunt, I am Quang, the creator of WebCatalog. I am so surprised and happy when a friend told me the app was featured on the site. Thanks Hassan a lot for introducing the app. As some Hunters raise the question that what makes WebCatalog different from similar products (such as Franz and Fluid) and from web browsers, I would like to talk a little bit about the app’s mission. Slack, LinkedIn, Ghost, Wordpress and many other companies are all providing their desktop apps as web wrappers. Despite some critics that these apps are not really native, most users do not concern about these technical aspects and enjoy the ease of having their favorite apps running independent from the browsers. The apps help boosting productivity significantly as users can switch between apps with shortcut, resize the window sizes, receive notifications or even switch between accounts easier (like Slack with Cmd+1, Cmd+2, etc).
@quanglam2807 And when some companies failed to provide their customers using similar approach (Facebook Messenger, Google Play Music, etc), users are left with third-party low-quality paid apps or with complicated solutions for advanced users such as Fluid & Nativefier. With WebCatalog, we aim to create an app platform, an app store for web apps where users can easily install any apps and use them without concerning about URLs or any related technical stuffs. In short, it offers the same concept everyone has on their smart phone. And this is just a beginning.
@quanglam2807 I use WebCatalog every day and it helps my life so much. And I hope you would help you, too. Of course, as an user, I understand it is not perfect but we are working hard day and night to fulfill our mission to improve everyone’s productivity. If you find the app helpful or would like to give us some feedback, feel free to let us know!
@quanglam2807 @aviaryan123 @erickbarron86 @mdni007 I hope my answer would clarify your concern. If not, please let me know.
@quanglam2807 Hi, how to add multiple accounts under one service? For example, 3 twitter accounts.
@adithya The feature's not available with the current version. It will be included with our next major release.
How is it different from Franz and Rambox?
@aviaryan123 Faster! And more custom settings for my preferences. I like the others - but this one has become the only one I use now. Much easier on the CPU and a chaos and time-saver.
Dope 🚬🚬
Look really good and might be easier to use than Fluid. Will give it a try, thank you.