Winamp in your browser! The memories!

You can see a tour of some of its features in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/captbaritone/status/961274714013319168

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can I listen to my songs from spotify please? 😄
@yannschaub Unfortunately the Spotify API uses DRM, so there is no way for us to get access to the raw bitstream which is required for things like: visualizers, equalizer and balance.
wow! it was like my old good friend coming back with new life. amazing job !
Build it with Electron, add Spotify integration, I'd definitely use it :D
AAAAAAA, that's awesome. Wish rewind would work, but hey, in Winamp sometimes that had been broken also :) Muha? wow
@vladkorobov Hey! Could you explain how rewind was failing? Sounds like a bug and I'd like to fix it.