Web Uptime

Multi-location website uptime monitoring

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Hey guys. So this is my new website uptime monitoring app. It's pretty minimal at the moment but I hope to add much more features soon (e.g. more types of monitors and alerts, like SMS and Slack etc.). You can signup for a free account which is limited to a single site if you want to try it out. I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have.
@gilbitron Hi Gilbert. Welcome to the family. Laaarge family: http://www.supermonitoring.com/b... ;)
@gilbitron Hey Gilbert, love your work in general and this looks great :) Just one comment. You have a typo on the homepage. replace: "1 mintue" with "1 minute" :D
@bluzthemes Thanks for the heads up :)
@gilbitron Can I see what the analytics looks like? If I'm going to switch from PingDom it's gotta have nice reports that I can generate. Also, I'd recommend giving people FULL access for a trial period - even 7 days - to get a feel for the paid features before having to subscribe. Third order of business is integrating with all of the status page SAAS companies out there.
Congrats Gilbert. How is "Web Uptime" differed from other products that offers similar solution?
@siva7891 Thanks Siva. At the moment the app is still very young and so only has "basic" features, but I plan on adding much more in the near future (e.g. SMS/Slack/Twitter alerts, public status pages etc).
@gilbitron It has been mentioned on the site that "Multi-location Monitoring" is available. Does the service uses same infrastructure/hardware vendor or different vendors?
@siva7891 Currently our servers are hosted by a single vendor (AWS) in multiple regions.
Added to my collection: Website Monitoring Web Apps https://www.producthunt.com/@kon...