Web Tycoon

Free online biz simulator: from good old 90s to modern times

Web Tycoon is a multiplayer online strategy where you take the role of a novice developer and evolve from the birth of the Internet to modern times.
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Hey ProductHunters! πŸ‘‹ For more than 14 years, we have been developing services for creating websites (SaaS) and other useful tools for webmasters (a URL shortener, a meta tag generator, and so on). However, this time we found ourselves in a completely new niche for us β€” game development. This is why, it is especially important for us to get your feedback. It’s not just a clicker but a simulator that can give you an idea of the changes to the way web is approached, and how websites grow from personal sites made using whatever available to large portals and serious businesses β€” by simply playing a game. In Web Tycoon, you can: - Be the boss of your own team, distribute tasks and budgets, which is a great way to master management skills. - Choose a hosting service, set up ads and take care of content marketing. This will give you an insight into how the web industry works. - Get to the top of themed rankings, making your competitors envy and ready to do whatever it takes to get the top position back. This will boost your survival skills in a competitive environment. - Go up against other players in competitions and exchange links. A nice way to improve communication skills. – Launch DDoS attacks against other players and look for security holes of their websites. Yeah dammit, the game is not all sunshine and rainbows β€” just like real life! 😈 Soon, we plan to release the holdings feature. Each player will be able to find allies to exchange resources, as well as set and achieve goals together. We've got a bonus 🎁 for each and everyone of the Product Hunt community β€” 50 game webcoins. Head over to the game bank and apply the promo code PRODUCTHUNT50 to get coins. The code can be used only once per account. πŸ™ We'd love to get your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions.
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Thanks to the developers for the game.


Good game. Positive impression after gaming


I want more players!:)

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It sounds really interesting. Bookmarked it and will definitely take a closer look soon.
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@roxana_andreea Thanks a lot! Don't forget to use the promo code to get free coins :) Can't wait to hear what you think once you play the game

I enjoyed this game from the simple mechanics to the way it inspired my competitive side by having a global leaderboard. Wish I had more time to play it than 24hrs in a day.


Unusual interface, fun to compete with other players on the scoreboards, easy to grasp the concept of, keeps your attention.


Can't think of one!

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Thanks guys for a good simulator, tried and I really enjoy it!
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@paul_shuteyev Thank you, Paul! We've got a lot of plans for adding new mechanics to the game! πŸ˜‰