Web Trumps

A nerdy card game all about startups

Web Trumps by MJOM Cards is the nerdy top trumps card game you've been waiting for! Featuring 32 uniquely designed cards of web and app companies, it’s the perfect gift for your techy web friends or your geeky self.

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Hi guys, we're really overwhelmed! Only 30 mins after our silent beta launch we got informed that we were added to producthunt. although we wanted to wait for this step to happen, we're super excited about the feedback so far! tl;dr: We ship worldwide! 📦 And of course there's a coupon code especially for all product hunt users! Use Coupon Code "WELOVEHUNTERS10" for 10% discount! 🎉
Great idea, beautifully designed. Perfect Xmas present for Geeks!
this made my morning! :D
Just ordered it for the Blab office. We'll definitely be playing this. :)
I'm buying this. I want to play it with fans at Mixergy's office.
@andrewwarner Feel free, Andrew! Be sure to use the Coupon Code WELOVEHUNTERS10 for 10% Discount! :)
@jollife @andrewwarner Done. Who wants to play in SF in Dec?
@andrewwarner awesome! In the last 48 hours we shipped 20+ decks to SF alone, so there should be definitely a crowd who's interested in playing the game 👍