Web to Image

API for taking screenshot of a webpage from URL or HTML

Web to Image (URL & HTML to Image) is an API for taking a screenshot of webpage either from URL or a full-page HTML.

Simple as calling a one API endpoint.

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Hey Hunters! We are glad to introduce you to the API for taking a webpage screenshot from URL or full-page HTML. It's simple as calling one API endpoint. We offer a 10 day trial so don't hesitate and try it! In case of any questions, let me know. George
Hello, I'm trying to determine what separates this product from the likes of the Awesome Screenshot browser extension (http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/) which is free, and dedicated apps like Paparazzi (https://derailer.org/paparazzi/) also free. Paparazzi has the capability to batch export screenshots in all sorts of file types from URLs or lists of URLs AND at any dimension you input. Not to mention anyone can take a screenshot natively with their operating system. How do you justify the price of this product?
@mbrunygroth not 100% sure but I guess the main point here is to generate images from the web? So you can call this API from anywhere, most probably from your own server/web app, least probably from your computer while browsing at home. This is especially useful when you want to automate the screen capture of websites on your app
@jebarjonet So you think this product is more about integrating the ability to take screenshots into another app then it is about simply being able to take screenshots?
@mbrunygroth I think so? For example you have an app that list websites and you want to show previews of those, so you could use "Web to Image" to gather preview images 🤖
@mbrunygroth Hello there! thank you for reaching to us. As Jean already mentioned. This is focused on developers to use the as a Backend service. Also the difference is that you can call our API with HTML that is going to be rendered on our side and then screenshoted and then returned as an Image. Which makes it simple to make a preview of sites, html blocks, snippets, templates. For ex. we use this product in our other product to take a screenshot of an Email Template they just made in our Email Editor (which generates HTML) so you can see the preview in the app, without the need to open the whole editor. George.
Top stuff! Could come in handy some day 🙂 Good work, makers!
@poehah Thank you for your feedback! Love to hear that :)