Web To Android-as-JSON Converter

Convert any web app into a JSON based Android project

#5 Product of the DayNovember 30, 2019
Converts any web app or website into a Jasonette compatible Android project that can be built using just JSON markup. For more details, check https://jasonelle.com.
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@michaeljnovotny started #nocodevember for which I built a bunch of no-code web apps. However, I couldn't do a native app as it gets complicated and expensive, especially for no-code makers. I had contributed to the Jasonette project a while ago that uses JSON markup to build Android projects. Recently, I forked an Android library out of that project and this idea came to mind as a #Thanksgiving gift to the #nocode #makers community.
Nice touch! I like the No-Code idea. we have tried making it possible in marketing tools by representing hengam.io to all small and medium-sized businesses :)
looks promising, though besides a couple of videos, there's almost no documentation available just yet https://jasonelle.com/docs – is more of a 'about us' section, then Examples, API, Developer Notes, Tutorials, Articles and Snippets are all blank (Work in Progress) , or am I missing something?
@pax_ The Jasonelle folks are woking on new documentation. Till then, you can find all the legacy documentation here: https://jasonelle.com/docs/legacy/
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@najmuzzaman I somehow missed that, thank you!
Very nice. Works. I noticed though I had to upload to the latest version of android studio in order to use it. Small thing though.
How would I go about renaming the project package name. All I see is the generated java folder which usually should not be edited.