Web Ping

Mac App to monitor your websites

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Monitor your websites all day with Web Ping!

We all find ourselves too busy implementing the next feature and forget to monitor our websites properly.

This tiny software will ping all your websites straight from your computer and notify you when something is wrong with any of them, or when a broken website is back online.

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Dorin Grigoras
Dorin Grigoras@metalu · Dadadada
Dude, this is great! Going to use it to monitor my SAAS platform, just to keep an eye on all servers.
Merlea Dan
Merlea DanMaker@merlot · Indie Maker
I challenge you to challenge me! 🚀
Martin Oosthuizen
Martin Oosthuizen@martinoosthuizn · Co-founder, Goodworx
Bought it, been trying it, I love it so far. As I installed it and hit "open" from the app store, I expected something to happen onscreen. Took me a few "open" clicks to realize it just opens in the menu bar. But overall it's so easy to use, thanks for making this!
Mas Mattesar
Mas Mattesar@mattesar_com · I write code and music (free at my site)
Any plans for an iOS version? Love the minimalist look (and dark mode)!
Merlea Dan
Merlea DanMaker@merlot · Indie Maker
@mattesar_com I actually am planning to do it for iOS as well soon. Thanks for interest! Really appreciate it!
John Leonardo
John Leonardo@johnny_leonardo · CS student at Sacramento State
Awesome idea!