Web Photo Filter

A web component to apply Instagram-like filters to photos

Web Photo Filter is a web component to apply Instagram-like WebGL filters to photos. The component could be integrated in any modern frontend frameworks or even without.
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Hi all! I'm new on Product Hunt and I'm happy to share with you this little component that lets you apply Instagram-like filters on photos. It works with any modern frontend frameworks or even without. Check it out on webphotofilter.com or its sources on Github. Looking forward to hear your feedbacks!
@daviddalbusco Can you apply it old photos as well, or is it currently only working as you take them?
@romainmoise1 with "old photos" I'm guessing that you referencing the demo video and meaning uploading images right? if I understood correctly, yes it is possible. actually underneath the component is a standard html tag used as source, therefore even for a "Live Photo" it has first to be saved in order to be accessible basically instead of displaying an image as you would do in HTML, like < img src="assets/img/test.jpg"/ > you do for example the following to display an image with a sepia filter < web-photo-filter src="assets/img/test.jpg" filter="sepia"> does that answer your question? let me know if I didn't get, happy to help if I could
Nice work πŸ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood thx for the feedback, super happy to hear that :)
This is great. Most social media make it pretty slow to download and keep pictures you've customized.
@richardkendri You are right, I never thought about that actually. All the image modification happens in the browser on the client side, so no data to transfer back and forth.
Great work guys! :)
Nice work. Since you are planning on using in mobile app, why not build in native for ios/android?