Web Monitoring by Visualping

Email alert when something changes on a webpage

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Alex Rubens
@alexrubens · Gaming. Esports. Sneakers.
Must have for Sneakerheads. VP has led to some ridiculous cops over the years - big fan.
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
visualping is damn awesome, and this update is great. basically i can select an element on a webpage (in the graphic examples above, it's the price field of apple airpods) and then visualping will notify me when that element gets changed (i.e. the price changes).
Serge Salager
@sergesalager · CEO, Visualping and Retarget Links
Thank @_jacksmith - Excited to share our most important upgrade since the launch our our Chrome extension last year. We now allow users to track changes by selecting a web-element as opposed to an crop area on a website. You still get 2 sets of images in your inbox: before and after the change. The big advantage is that it reduces the number of false alar… See more
David West
@david_west · Product Manager @ Nibble Apps
Sounds awesome!! Thanks for posting @_jacksmith and kudos to @sergesalager & the team. Time to start stalking Amazon Tech prices...