Web Maker 3.0

First ever offline web playground, now as a Web app!

Web Maker 3.0 is your favourite fast & offline web playground, now as a web app.

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kushagra gour
A creative Human!
Hello! After months of work, I am proud & excited to bring this to you 👉🏼 Web Maker 3.0🔥 The Web isn’t just Chrome and so is not Web Maker, anymore. It is now also available as a web app that runs offline just like your favorite extension! This means that now you can use Web Maker on any modern browser (tested with Chrome and Firefox currently). Firefox users, I heard ya :) Plus there is more! User accounts, new layout mode, improvement and bug fixes. Also, along with is release I also want to announce that I have launched a Patreon campaign to get support & motivation fuel for my free & open-source projects such as Web Maker 👉🏼 https://www.patreon.com/kushagra If you are a Web Maker user, I would appreciate some support, no matter how small.
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Alex WalkerHandcut pixels – snap-frozen 4 freshness

It's basically CodePen without needing the internet, which it a pretty handy starting point for prototypes and experiments. Export a standalone page when you're done.


Fast, works on a plane, subway and other low-WIFI environments


Does there have to be a con?

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