Web Maker 2.0

A blazing fast and offline web playground

Web Maker is a Chrome extension that gives you an offline and real fast frontend playground to do web experiments...even without internet connectivity.

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Hey PH-ers! 8 months back I released my app "Web Maker" on Product Hunt and have been getting feature requests since then. And today I am excited to show you the next version "Web Maker" - 2.0! This has some awesome new features like: - Save and load creations - Pane collapsing with saved states - Easy add popular JS/CSS libraries - Infinite loop protection and much more! "Web Maker" is a chrome extension that I made out of my own need to have a way to quickly do web experiments whenever and wherever I wanted to...even when there was no Internet connectivity. Sure there are apps like Codepen, JSFiddle, CSSDeck. But they all need you to be online. Plus they sometimes tend to be slow when you quickly need to tinker with some code to show to a colleague or verify a reduced test case. And so I came up with 'Web Maker' that works just like any other web playground, but it works offline! And how do you access it? Simply open a new tab in Chrome - that is it! You can also contribute on Github: https://github.com/chinchang/web... Hope this app help others save time and do some really cool web experiments, whenever and wherever they want. Very excited to read suggestions, comments, feature requests :)
Web Maker makes me so quick & efficient that, I DEVELOP WEB MAKER INSIDE WEB MAKER!
So clutch! Thanks for this. Great idea.
Thank for building this useful addon. If I could beautify selected text with Shift+Tab, that would be so awesome.
@labnol It will there before you know it :)
As a web developer I can understand the usefulness of this. Thanks for making this one.
@keyul Yeah! Its so much efficient that I develop Web Maker inside Web Maker!
its a good one, now i can create more faster. Its much useful, good job @
@nosherwanarbab Mission accomplished :) Thanks!