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Dima Blover🔸
@dimablover · CEO at itmeo.com, UI /UX
Hello everyone! 👋 Our team proudly presents WebGradients. It's an ultimate gradients collection for designers and developers. Enjoy! 🎉 Interesting facts about WebGradients: 1) It's the only all-in-one gradients solution for all types of design works (web-design, graphic design, web-development) 2) The project took 83.2 hours of design work, 47.4 hours of… See more
Guillaume Flandre
@gflandre · 🛠➕📸 Lead Architect @LaBelleAssiette
This is great for developers like me who love to do their own designs but sometimes lack inspiration. Always trying to find new color palettes, thanks!
Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
An ultimate gradients collection comes with ready to use Sketch and Photoshop files. WebGradients gives one-click access to CSS code making it a breeze to use the collection in your web project. As a bonus, you get high-quality PNG images of every gradients.
Thomas Chrétien
@tchret · user.headline
and it's free! 😢 thank you so much