Web Dev Education Platform

Build, share, learn, and thrive in front-end development

Web Dev Education platform by MDB is a place for "all front-end".
- Easy project building with live component preview
- Clear learning path with 250+ editable resources for JS, Angular, React, Vue & more
- Possibility to test your skill on weekly challenges
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good team with excellent products


one of the best that I know

Hello Product Hunt!🚀 Thanks for hunting @chrismessina ! After getting a lot of feedback on our tutorials we decided to focus even more on the educational aspects of our resources. The main idea behind the Web Dev Edu is to provide a platform dedicated exclusively to developing crucial front-end skills. You don't have to spend weeks learning every nuance of PHP in order to be a solid Front-end Developer⏳👩‍💻 You don't have to wonder between thousands of courses, confused about what to learn and what to skip😕🤷‍♀️ Our platform gives you the opportunity to follow a clear, simple path into becoming a professional, and provides you with tools necessary to continue growing: - Build, share and get feedback on your projects - with help of advanced, in-browser code editor with live preview! - Learn from others and share your knowledge - with over 250 tutorial lessons and the possibility to submit even more of your own! - Test your skills and get premium resources for free - with weekly held coding challenges And most importantly... - Let us know what else do you need❗❗❗ - The platform is still growing, every feature idea that you'll propose will get reviewed by our team and will have a chance to get implemented! Thanks for your feedback, ideas, and support! Cheers! Filip from MDB
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