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Hi Hunters, we're really excited to launch our first design course: Essentials of Modern Web Design. In this two-month course you'll work one-on-one with a professional designer and gain the skills needed to score your first freelance client as you build a portfolio of projects. Also, we're excited to give all Hunters a $50 scholarship (the course costs $600 and lasts 2 months) if you sign up before October 8. To redeem the scholarship please email hello@thinkful.com. Happy to answer any questions!
@CarlSednaoui This seems awesome.
@erictwillis Thanks Eric! I'm actually going to take this course myself as soon as I finish the AngularJS one :) Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
@CarlSednaoui I really like this, I'm thinking of taking the front end course. Any advice for someone before they take a class?
@fmcampos Hey! Excited to work with you. Nora from Thinkful here. I've worked with hundreds of students to get prepped before starting the class. My big piece of advice is to set a clear goal and push yourself to achieve it. What's your motivation for taking the course?
@nenyawessel Ah got it, thanks that's helpful. As for motivation, I'd definitely like to improve my CSS and Javascripts abilities to make my own A/B tests quickly.
@fmcampos Nice. I'd share that goal with your mentor on day 1. And he or she will remind of you that during the program! Email me at nora@thinkful.com if you have any other questions.