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Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunterHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Would love for @zorzini to jump in and discuss this app and his plans for future comparisons :)
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin Zorzini@zorzini · human
@blendahtom Thanks a lot Tom!
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin Zorzini@zorzini · human
So we're just starting out and this is a sample of what our comparison engine can do and also a way for us to gather feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. At the moment it compares 4 prominent ecommerce platforms on 9 different key aspects, ranks them accordingly, then compares all apps head-to-head. For example this is how Volusion compares to Shopify: http://webappmeister.com/compari... Next week we'll add more apps to the Ecommerce Platforms vertical, then start some new verticals like Email Marketing apps, Portfolio Creation apps, Invoicing apps and more. We're working with experts in every field and testing each app for at least 30 days before reviewing it and comparing it with the others.
Deyson Ortiz
Deyson Ortiz@deysonortiz · I help create visuals that engage
Will you be adding WooCommerce to the mix. I am trying to make a decision. :)
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin Zorzini@zorzini · human
@deysonortiz Hi Deyson, yup we plan to add it in the next couple of weeks mate. Cheers!
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
Congrats @zorzini 👍
Giovanni Lepori
Giovanni Lepori@giolepori
Definitely a great website to find and compare the best e-commerce apps and services and save time and money