Web Activity Time Tracker - is a Chrome extension that tracks the time you spend online.
The app tracks the time and keeps data only in your browser.
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Nice, I'm going to test this ;)
@b_tallandier Thanks, I will be glad to feedback :)
I love it, it's very useful. Thank's for your work 🙏 , i will use it every day ;)
@b_tallandier Thanks's a lot)
Hi, Product Hunters! 👋 My name is Alex, I'm a software engineer. I spend a lot of time on the Web. Reading news, articles and lectures sometimes takes too much time. We need to control this time. ⏰ That's my motivation for making Web Activity Time Tracker. Extension includes: - tracking the time spent in the browser - total statistics - daily statistics - a list of websites for which you do not need to track activity - restrictions on the time spent online. Looking forward to your feedback! 😊