Weavr Signals

Insights and Trends from Developer and Technology channels

Weavr’s Signals provides actionable insights, growth trends & intelligence about Technology products, APIs, SDKs, platforms & the top developers & technologists who use them.
Weavr Share of Voice provides competitive intelligence for the Tech world.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Have been using Weaver Signals for a while as part of pilot program. Pros: Provides insights on discussions and influencers that are not easy to get with naked aye Pulls data from all major dev channels Github/StackOverflow etc. Gives a holistic view on the usage of the opensource project Cons: - Guys the dashboard has too much information to digest :)
@azizergashev1 Thanks for the feedback. Dashboards are currently generic but will soon be persona based - Separate dashboards for Developer Relations, Product Marketing Teams and other functions, so hopefully very relevant information on the dashboards.