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Brian Ma
Brian MaMaker@zealoustiger · Founder, Weave.in
Thanks Ryan! PH community, Weave just added the ability for exclusive communities to meet each other in real life, tinder-style. You really can't find any community more awesome (and exclusive) as Product Hunt. If you're interested in meeting other ProductHunters in real life, wherever you go, use the invite code "KITTY" to join. We've already onboarded YCombinator founders, 500 startups, alumni groups, hacker houses, etc with much success. Some related links above explaining the product. Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful people in a nearby coffee shop soon.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Groups on Weave make a lot of sense. I've been a long-time Quibb fan and @sandimac's meetups/brunches have been an inspiration for Product Hunt. Literally 10 minutes ago, I saw @benln is organizing a Product Hunt meetup in Tel Aviv. How awesome is that? :) h/t @miriamschwab P.S. here's the Weave from several months ago.
Erik Torenberg
Erik Torenberg@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@rrhoover @zealoustiger let us know how we can help with this :)
Brian Ma
Brian MaMaker@zealoustiger · Founder, Weave.in
@eriktorenberg Thx! Just keep meeting and building the awesome PH community - PH rocks. :)
Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab@miriamschwab · Founder & CEO, Strattic
Just joined the group. What a great idea for an app.
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson@anderson760 · Founder @ MightyScout
Love this concept and group, great job @zealoustiger
David Spinks
David Spinks@davidspinks · CEO, CMX Media
Really glad someone built this. Excited to play around with it. Love the community angle.