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Brian Ma
Brian MaMaker@zealoustiger · Founder, Weave.in
Hey Product Hunters, Today, we're announcing the launch of Concierge - our experiment to completely automate your professional networking. We launched Weave (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...) about a year ago and continue to hear about success stories everyday - people find jobs, raise money, discover new clients, etc. However after a year of watching and listening to our users (hopefully some of you here), we've realized people want an even easier way to network and get Weave meetings. What's even easier than swiping?... No swiping. With Concierge, we'll automatically match you up for coffee with a new person every week based on who you are with our algorithm we've created based on our 6 million data points. All you have to do is show up. That's it. Product Hunters get priority access. Hope some of you will give this a try. Happy to answer any questions here on PH. Cheers!
Dan Polaske
Dan Polaske@dpolaske · Operations at Sprig
@zealoustiger Looks great Brian! I'm excited to try it out.
Brian Ma
Brian MaMaker@zealoustiger · Founder, Weave.in
@dpolaske Thanks Dan - excited to have you. ;)
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Used Weave at the YC startupschool event, looking forward to trying this one out - good job !
Doktor Gurson
Doktor Gurson@doktorgurson · Co-founder & CEO, Doblet
I've signed up and look forward to meeting someone on Friday. Nicely done!
Jason Glaspey
Jason Glaspey@jasonglaspey · Founder - Factory
I wonder if there's an opportunity to do Concierge/Weave with video calls. Remote workers are some of the people who need to build their network the most. I'm always looking for good designers outside of my area who are looking for work, and there are people around the country i'd love to get paired with but we live in different towns. seems like video chats are even easier and less of a commitment as well.
Jeremy Frisch
Jeremy Frisch@itsofrischial · Product Manager, Social Tables
Just added a vote for DC. Great service!