Weav Run

Running music that speeds up and slows down to your rhythm

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Amazing app. Game changer.
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Would make sense if this was made for Apple Watch. I don't run with my phone anymore.
Do you have any plans for Android?
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@patrickruetter Yes! Now that iOS is out there, we will get back to Android!
@keitk @patrickruetter is there a way to be notified when the Android version comes out?
@phimema @patrickruetter Yes! Yes there is! If you sign up here: http://run.weav.io/android You'll be the first to know!
During each run, I probably spend 80% of the time focused on switching playlists/songs/passages just to get the right track. So excited to try it, thanks @lars_rasmussen, @zhi_frank_huang, @gabriel_schillinger, @elomida_visviki, @keitk, @msingh5, @kon_tsitsas! 💪
@philipkuklis Yes! Please do let us know how it goes!
Watched the video and just downloaded the app - excited to try it out! @makers - what's the story behind this? Running & music has always seemed like a tough challenge to try and tackle, Spotify tried and has their running feature that isn't as featured anymore. What makes this different?
@kevinguebert @makers Thanks for downloading! Yes, making music dynamic is a pretty tough challenge. We've invented a new format that lets the music change its arrangement & composition in real time as the listener changes the tempo. This way the music sounds delightful no matter how dramatic and how often the runner changes pace. We are big fans of spotify, but mostly their running feature is about picking the right playlist to keep you running at a constant tempo throughout. I've written more about our long term plans and how it all got started here: https://medium.com/@weavmusic/mu...
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@lars_rasmussen @makers @weavmusic That's a great write up! Thank you for sharing!
@lars_rasmussen @kevinguebert @makers @weavmusic Love this write up! Excited to try this out. Also love the promo video. Very catchy.
Wow, really great app. I've wanted to build this for years! I used to create playlists while I was rollerblading based on BPM & shift (think low-gear to high gear). Can't wait to try this out!