Weav Run

Running music that speeds up and slows down to your rhythm



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Amazing app. Game changer.
Would make sense if this was made for Apple Watch. I don't run with my phone anymore.
Patrick Rütter — Project Manager @ Namics
Do you have any plans for Android?
Keit Kollo — Product @ Weav Music
@patrickruetter Yes! Now that iOS is out there, we will get back to Android!
Philipp Meder — Sales, Marketing @JapaCasa
@keitk @patrickruetter is there a way to be notified when the Android version comes out?
Keit Kollo — Product @ Weav Music
@phimema @patrickruetter Yes! Yes there is! If you sign up here: http://run.weav.io/android You'll be the first to know!
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