Weav Run

Running music that speeds up and slows down to your rhythm


Kevin Wolf
Amazing app. Game changer.
Patrick Rütter
@patrickruetter · Project Manager @ Namics
Do you have any plans for Android?
Philip Kuklis
@philipkuklis · Co-Founder, Hubble
During each run, I probably spend 80% of the time focused on switching playlists/songs/passages just to get the right track. So excited to try it, thanks @lars_rasmussen, @zhi_frank_huang, @gabriel_schillinger, @elomida_visviki, @keitk, @msingh5, @kon_tsitsas! 💪
Kevin Guebert
@kevinguebert · Maker of Aww New Tab
Watched the video and just downloaded the app - excited to try it out! @makers - what's the story behind this? Running & music has always seemed like a tough challenge to try and tackle, Spotify tried and has their running feature that isn't as featured anymore. What makes this different?
James Futhey
@futhey · Founder, Gumshoe.io
Wow, really great app. I've wanted to build this for years! I used to create playlists while I was rollerblading based on BPM & shift (think low-gear to high gear). Can't wait to try this out!