WeatherWheel 2.0

Watch the weather change in cycles ☀️

WeatherWheel - Relaunched is a really beautiful weather app with a unique way to explore an weather forecast. With the relaunched version, it offers even more useful weather informations like radar maps & weather alerts. I'm looking forward to hear your feedback :)

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Great job!! 😊 Why don’t you integrate this into the android OS and IOS OS this would definitely do justice to your hard work?
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@ayush_chandra already working on it, but will take some time 😊
Any plans for an Android version?
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@hasan_diwan Yeah, already in progress, but it will take some time.
@lukas_bohler Need any backend/web services help?
@hasan_diwan Currently not, maybe in the future :)
I like all the information that is covered.
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What's new in this version, @lukas_bohler?
@amrith It now includes a lot of features, normal weather apps do offer, so it mirphs more into an weather app you actually want to use on daily base and not just, because of it‘s unique weatherwheels :) In addition there has been a huge rework of the core and more weatherwheels for more countries :)
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BTW: The PRO (lifetime version) is free until tomorrow :)
@lukas_bohler hmm it is actually not??? it says 6,99...
@productdude hey michael, it was free until a few hours ago. I will take it for free for 1 day in the next few weeks ago. DM me if you want to be notfied. I would love to give you a coupon code, but thats currently not supported for inapp purchase by apple as far as I know.