Get the golden hour, blue hour and matching weather

You new companion iphone app to nail the perfect shot!

Find the golden hour and blue hour time faster than ever and get the matching weather!

Activate our smart notifications to only get an alarm when the magic hour matches your weather preferences (no more waking up at 4am to shoot a grayish sky)

There are so many apps like this in the App Store, so I'm wondering if you can tell me in a sentence or two what makes this better than others.
@scottwyden hi ! The main difference is that you get the magics hours and the weather at the same time. Usualy you only get the magics hours and have to rely an another app to check the matching weather. Another great addition is the smart notifications. Some apps will allow you to set notification for the next golden/blue hour. Weather scout will do the same, but also use your weather preferences to trigger the notification. Let's say you want to film the morning golden hour with you drone, the place you wanna shoot is 1h from your place. With WeatherScout, you can set an alarm 2h before the morning golden hour and add weather preferences, like a sunny sky and a weather under 20km/h. If the weather parameters do not match with the actual weather, the notification won't go on, and you won't need to wake up way to early, drive for an hour waiting for the sun to rise... and face a flat gray sky We took a lot of time to design a nice looking and very fonctionnal app, i hope you'll like it :)
The best weather app for photographers !!
Well done! About 10 years ago I started building "Shutter Scouts" which would do something like this. If you had an idea to shoot Kinsale harbour, with a full moon, and clear skies, and a high tide, it would monitor the conditions until it met your criteria. I fell into the trap of trying to build too much and ultimately decided it wasn't going anywhere. Glad to see someone else has picked up the mantle!
@ideasasylum not so far from our idea ! Did you end up release something ? Or was it to tough at this time ? (I never would be able to build weatherscout 10 years ago....)
@axelcorjon I think there was a public version briefly but I never got the weather & tide data integrated. I think APIs have progressed at lot in 10 years — I needed to build a web service that wrapped a CD of tidal data on a Windows machine
Should try it, does it have atmospheric pressure settings? do you plan to add it?
@asmekhov hi! it does not have atmospheric pressure, but that something we plan to add it (not right now though)