WeatherKit 3 is designed to be your pocket weatherman. It is made by a group of indie developers, with a focus on visual design and precision.

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Hey PH community, I'm Raul, one of the makers behind WeatherKit. We couldn't be more happy about this launch and that's only because of you. To celebrate this moment, here are 25 promo codes for WeatherKit Pro. N6HJM4AR9YLR X66EXR7R4JA9 HM3MMF6MFJ66 TPTEY6L6LTHL WER3TW37YHNM 34RWTJPNAT6F ELYJJ4XYXLHT KH9JXK6XAANR F9L3XM6NMALK YAE7YPLP6WA7 NEPREXRALMHF LMXRKTPJYRMX JR6ENA6HXR6H NWMWT9TRLAMN WR3FFW9K6XYR TWM9TKHYKPXM KHE67377RK6X 9WH9RNLH7EME 6FHYMPJAHKMW 6T3JJFMAAJR4 JN9WL43HRMW4 WMK6NMPJJP6E XWRL46H9HAEE J4PEWLY9WYX3 A7JFTHLX3N4L Please reply to this comment with the promo code that you used, so that you'll others precious time. Also, please and I really mean this, reach out to me with any type of feedback you have. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
@perte Thanks Raul! I just redeemed 9WH9RNLH7EME. I'll check it out now :)
@perte Thanks guys, just redeemed the last one A7JFTHLX3N4L
@perte Awesome! thanks guys, I just redeemed the following code: F9L3XM6NMALK will check it out rn
@perte Thank you! Just redeemed J4PEWLY9WYX3
@perte most these codes are gone btw, and it sucks that people aren’t even courteous enough to others to post which one they used. I used: ELYJJ4XYXLHT Thanks for the promo code! App looks sleek.
You think this is sassy? Try talk to Carrot... P.S. It's "free". WeatherKit Pro (Monthly) $0.99 WeatherKit Pro (Lifetime) $15.99 WeatherKit Pro (1 Year) $8.99
@roman_dubinin Those wouldn't be there if I wouldn't have to pay monthly API bills for the weather data.
@roman_dubinin @perte Is a subscription necessary to actually use the app? What does it get you?
@perte maybe then don't advertise your app as free without any mentions of monthly based subscription?
The app is reasonably good-looking, and very focused. Good performance, gestures seem fluid. I think it feels a bit unintuitive and lacking in useful detail however. There doesn't seem to be any way to quickly swipe between locations (correct me if I just haven't found it?), nor a way to get any hourly forecast breakdown. The widget shows location & temperature, which is less than Apple's widget that shows chance of rain & high/low without having to tap 'Show More'. On an iPhone 7, I have to scroll to see all of the more detailed weather information, even though it could easily all fit on the screen. The rounded box around the location name at the top of the main weather view makes me think it can be tapped (looks almost like a button), but doesn't seem to do anything. Without the Pro upgrade (before I activated it), there's so little information that I almost wonder whether the app should just have been paid instead of free.
@iamsebj I’m currently at lunch, but try swiping left and right from the main screen. From the Glances screen, tap on a city to “teleport” there. Repeat as needed.
@perte I noticed the left swipe for glances and right swipe for settings, but I'm guessing there's no gesture to swipe between cities like the iOS Weather app or Weather Line? Two-finger horizontal swipe could be cool, although I guess that breaks the mental model of the layout/space of the app.
Great job!! 😊 This should be in next iOS 12 update !!!
Sounds incredible and fun. Great stuff guys! :)