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Hey @alibeylee - concept seems simple enough. What motivated you to build this, especially with the abundance of other Weather apps?
@bentossell Hi Ben! First of all thank you for you feedback and interest. The idea came after attentive investigation of recent trend. I noticed that people are very eager to plan their daily schedule based on weather conditions and thought that it would be very useful to elaborate smth, that could be adjusted individually for each user. My application helps to get rid of mass notifications you receive each day and informs weather conditions, that the user sets up in advance. This is the feature that helps to identify exact weather condition and notify you only if it is match with actual forecast.
I love this idea for exactly the reasoning @alibeylee proposed. There's so many weather apps that overdo it - crazy-detailed maps, hyper-local up-to-the-minute forecasting, it's all superfluous and largely kills battery life. I liked the old app Swackett because it just answered the question: "Should you wear a jacket today?" I think weatherIf basically solves that problem in a more minimal way for iOS. I've been trying to get basically this same functionality through several IFTTTs (if rain is in the forecast, notify me at 7am) - but those are limited to the constraints of IFTTT push notifications. I like that you've built a widget to go along with the app - since again, too many weather apps try to do too much, even in the notification center. Basically, nice work! Downloaded it and eager to see what the notifs look like in the morning.
@alibeylee looks great, any plans for an Apple Watch app?
Thanks @lukechrisinger ! Of course. We're on it and some other good stuff. Stay tuned! ;-)