Celsius and fahrenheit together, convert real time weather

WeatherGO is an iOS weather app that displays both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures at the same time.

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Hello Product Hunters! I am Chris and I am an American (NYC!) expat living in Berlin. Like many an American expat, I have had some trouble wrapping my brain around the metric system, so I decided to make a simple app that would convert the real-time weather from Fahrenheit to Celsius and display it at the same time. Now I can have those wonderfully simple weather conversations with my European friends without looking like the weird American. I would love to get your feedback and I am here to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for checking it out! -Chris
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Love it ! No longer have to google convert f to c when I’m travelling abroad and want to know what the weather is going to be. Highly recommend this app!
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I don’t have to convert units in my brain, which allows me to think about more important things.


Shows both farenhiet and celcius the display so you don’t have to convert back and forth.


None. Zippo

Pros: I need both Fahrenheit and Celsius, this app displays it well. Cons: 0. The app is NOT available for FREE. 1. I don't know whether the app supports multiple cities but would like to request for it if not yet. 2. I don't know whether the app has a dark mode but would like to have one if not yet. 3. Let's be a little more geeky and add Kelvin and Newton, just kidding! I am looking for alternatives, PH users, please help find a "free" app that does this or make one. I'll try to do that too, but Apple $99 a year wtf, paid app alright, i will buy it soon, i know you deserve the 2 dollars Chris, Thanks!