Bot that tells you what to wear based on the weather

WeatherDrobe is a Facebook Messenger bot that gives you fashion suggestions based on your local weather, everyday in the morning. Never forget your protective sunscreen or that comforting overcoat anymore.
@kannan_rav Great going, nice touch on the auto-scheduler !
I never really understand these types of apps/products/(now)bots - fashion choices depend not only on the weather, but if you are comfortable, hot/cold person?, depends on where you are going and im sure a number of other things. My fashion choices are simple, t-shirt, jeans, jumper (sweatshirt to you Murricans) - and if Im hot, take off the jumper. Simples! haha The most useful thing could be a weather app texting me in the morning saying "Take an umbrella today"
@bentossell I most agree with that. Just tried the bot out and it actually recommended a pretty good look for a hot day. But it is all dependent on your own person style, so I can see how this wouldn't be useful for people with a different taste. Perhaps the bot should try to learn about your style or maybe have some expert clothing designers come up with the outfit recommendations! Would love to see something like that. Or both!