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Beautiful weather app for Android

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Wow, this might be the first Android app I really want on my iPhone!
@iamjmw it's really a great compliment from an iPhone user. thanks
The app looks amazing. Why do you think we need yet another weather app?
@mossibat Thanks for your comment. About the question, let me put it this way: 1- You are right about the fact that there are so many other apps providing weather data. But, we think users’ tastes are always changing (especially in extremely fast paced mobile world) and to stand out from others we have to keep up with those changes. So, that’s the reason we are launching a weather app with accurate data and so many different beautiful themes for different tastes. To make sure our Theme gallery is always updated, fresh and localized for different regions, we have developed a backend system to produce new themes very fast. 2- We are working on a new platform to improve overall Android experience and make Android phone more user friendly. This weather app is the first piece in the whole system and is also a sample to show the quality of the platform.
@joblack33 @mossibat I'm intrigued with this new "platform". Can you tell us more?
@joshuapinter the overall idea is based on a fact that average users (70%) use only 1 ~ 5 apps per day (it's a report by, and we are providing a way to make daily apps available at the right time / place for user. our smart launcher is at the heart of the platform and is responsible for providing apps' brief at the right time. other apps send data to launcher through a simple API. we are also developing two more applications (smart calendar and smart news reader), and they will be deep integrated into launcher (weather will also be integrated).
@joblack33 "our smart launcher is at the heart of the platform and is responsible for providing apps' brief at the right time. other apps send data to launcher through a simple API." Curious still. :) What do you mean by "providing apps' brief at the right time."? What is an "apps' brief"? What kind of data would "other apps send ... to launcher"? How would that affect the user's experience. Thanks.
@joshuapinter We are working on a new concept for Android home screen, we call it "Interactive wall". it's not widget and it's not app itself, but users can get almost all app functionality on home screen without any need to open the apps. the walls will be smart and will change based on users' needs. for example you are waiting for an Uber and instead of opening the app, you will see full live Uber map on your home screen and there is no need to open the Uber app. we are providing the daily-use apps ourselves (like Weather) and then other developers can adapt their apps using our API.
This is a gorgeous set of curated sceneries. The design looks like it was made by Apple's Jony Ive! (Some sarcasm...)
@androidlove Thanks Carlos, that was really heart warming :), we are trying to provide the best Android experience for our users
Hi @joblack33, Just find out about this app, love it. Design and UX is amazing. I'm actually going to write you an email to propose you something, I hope we can connect.
@alexintosh Hi, thanks for your comment, you can reach me at
This looks fantastic! Downloading now, and best of luck!
@joblack33 Are there ads, or if one pays for a new theme, do they go away?
@jeremydrysdale we have ads at two spots: 1- when user customize the notification, then after finishing customization, we show a full screen ad 2- when user customize a widgets, again after finishing we show a full screen ad About buying themes, for now if you buy a theme, the ads are still there, but that was a good point and we will remove ads for anyone who buys one theme. it will be available in next update .
@joblack33 So if I buy a new theme now, will the ads disappear after the next update?
@jeremydrysdale yes, the next update will be on next Wednesday [update] we might provide a ad free version instead. not sure yet.