Weather mini for Apple Watch

Your personal weather cards, made just for watchOS.

"A lovely weather utility app made just for the watch, no companion app required, finally!" πŸ‘»
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Say hello to Weather mini, our latest weather app built just for watchOS. πŸš€
Downloaded! No product I hate more than the native weather app for the Apple Watch. Several customizable features - including my favourite "Feels like:".
@prithsr Thanks, we don't like the native weather app either πŸ˜‚
I’m unfortunately a wheelchair user with very limited functionality in my body, and I can barely move my arms, therefore to force touch to get access to the settings is very difficult for me. Is there any way you could make it possible to access the settings through clicking a button at the bottom of the screen perhaps? Thanks so much in advance! Greetings from Norway!
Thank you for your suggestions, we really appreciate it, we will improve the settings control in upcoming updates: maybe use some swipe gestures πŸ€” ... Actually our initial design was quite simple, trying to keep the tiny screen big enough for large words and illustrations, so force touch became a good choice. Anyway there's definitely better solutions, please stay tuned πŸ˜„
Thanks Kai. Yes I did. I’ll try rebooting it. Thank you πŸ™
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@carolinesasha Great! πŸŽ‰
I don’t have an Apple Watch but now I want one. This is so cool!