Weather Hippie

Timely weather alerts so you're always prepared

Weather Hippie is a fun and FREE weather app that allows you to stay ahead of extreme weather conditions in your area. Weather Hippie is your trusty buddy that will give you reliable realtime updates and alerts, beautiful interactive radar maps, precipitation charts, also he's pretty cool to have around!

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Hello Product Hunt, Weather Hippie is a project that started out with a vision of staying on top of weather conditions, but through alerts. Sheena (my sister) designed the app with the aim of clean and simple design, but also fun with the addition of gifs in the notifications. With the combination of accurate weather data from Dark Sky and realtime weather alerts from NOAA and Environment Canada, we are excited to share Weather Hippie with you! Let us know if you have any questions!

Love the app. Weather hippie is my new cute and dependable friend!


Easy to use, lots of helpful info at my fingertips - love hippies ❤️


let us know about viewing northern lights and so on - maybe a NASA feed?

Lovely idea. Is it as well available for android?
@meineleserei Hi Petra, not yet available on Android but development has started for the Android version.
One of the cleanest looking weather apps I’ve seen. Any option in the future to pay to remove ads? This looks amazing. It looks perfect with iOS 11’s design language. Also, are there any plans for multiple cities in the future?
@iamjmw Hey Joseph, thank and appreciate the comment about the design. Our initial focus was alerts, but yes we plan to enable multiple cities in the future. We will provide the option to remove ads in the near future as well.
@robsandhu - You answered all my questions! Thanks. Putting this on my first page on my home screen. Love it!
When will it be available outside North America?
@zappe Hi Daniel, currently we support the U.S. and Canada and plan to add more countries. Where are you located?
@robsandhu Sweden. Why not all at once?
@zappe We want to provide the best experience when it comes to alerts and radar maps. Europe is next on our roadmap.