Weather By Emoji

A fun little project that displays the weather in Emoji.

🌞 = 😊 🌧 = 😕 ⛈ = 😴 🌨 =☃😌
Really like the design. Kinda of minimal, but a sweet project. Well done!
Pretty cool site, but I'm not sure if there will be a huge use for this or people would bother to get on it... Maybe if it was a google chrome extension, where every new tab showed you this, it may be little more engaging/helpful/productive? Also, I got this bug for Toronto :(
@dilyaraskar Yeah, I do agree with that. It was more of a "can I do this" project, so it may go further eventually. That's an odd bug, because every weather option has a emoji against it. Unless something has been update, but I'll see what I can do to fix it.
@chrishannah @dilyaraskar Seems to be related to the size of the emoji character. Have the same issue, but it appears as soon as I resize the window.
Cool. Tried Mexico City and it said "Smokey" but no emoji showed. But fun little project.
I thought it would display my device's emoji, but it shows some sort of custom flat icon?
@sholtaway Yeah it originally did show the system emoji, but Apple make it so god damn difficult to resize them, so in the end it would be like a 16px emoji in the middle of the screen.