Weather +

Get weather alerts based on your location

Ready to receive instant weather notifications based on your location with Weather+ ?
You can receive the weather report every day. Do you want to receive notification before going to work? In Weather+, adjust notification time and done!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH, We love automate things. We don't want to check weather every morning. So, we built Weather+ to solve our own problem. We're ready to hear feedback from you.
It saved me today from the wind, so than you!
Coll for weather unstable regions!
@david_clifford9 we get weather data from and analys forecast by using custom algorithm developed by us.
Waiting for android version
@gabrielebrook16 it will be released in a few days 🤘
@gabrielebrook16 we released Android version! Check it out
Great job!!😊 Why don't you build it for iOS 13 to be a default version?
@ayush_chandra thank you! what do you mean "to be a default version"?